Puppy News!

What people love about the  pups from G-/ Kennel

“G-/ Kennel is a top notch breeder of miniature poodles. Misty takes great pride in all of her dogs, is interested in breedings her puppies to AKC breed poodle standard in physical structure and temperament. The puppy we got from her is the best dog I've every had. He's super smart, obedient, affectionate, friendly to all, playful, gentle, and totally gorgeous.”

“Ariel is growing fast! She weighs 6.6 lbs. She’s had her second shots and is on the same food. She has adjusted so well and is doing so good with potty training. She had her first grooming today! We love Ariel and Ariel loves us.  She has such a sweet personality! She plays well with other dogs and loves people!”

“Look how big she is getting:))
We are in love with her😍

“Charlie is doing great! He’s almost 7lbs and is now way too big for my cat carrier he’s been sleeping in. We got a medium crate for him today and he went right in. 
The crate training you did has been so valuable!
Thank you!!”