The History of the
G-/ Kennel 

The G-/ brand originated with my grandfather,
Gene Marlin McElhiney. 
Grandpa’s life was defined by his love; love for God, love for his family,  love of nature, and love for the many animals he found around the farm.
Grandpa lived his entire life in the rugged mountains of Western Colorado as a farmer, cowboy, and rancher. Yet it was his example of love and care for the many animals that found their way into his heart that I cherish most. Grandpa passed away in 2007, but the G-/ brand lives on as a sweet reminder of the quiet, loving man whose love for God influenced every part of his life. Grandpa’s consistent example in my life has been the motivating factor in my decision to become a loving, dedicated breeder of miniature poodles. 
This business and labor of love is dedicated to his memory.

-Misty Ditges, Owner of G-/ Kennel

The Purpose of G-/ Kennel

To be distinguished as a breeder of excellence who provides the best dogs available for
life-long companionship. 

Here at G-/ Kennel, we breed for lifetime companions. Therefore excellent health and pleasant temperament are our highest priorities in all of our doges. We will never knowingly breed a dog who exhibits poor temperament. 

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