Frequently Asked Questions

What type of dogs do you offer?

We have preciouses miniature poodles.

Do you sell puppies on a contract?

Yes, our puppies are sold on contracts, the pets are on a spay / neuter agreement.  You will find I am easy to work with. The contract is written very simple.  We have the right to refund deposits and withdraw from a sale at anytime for any reason. If a buyer backs out after a sale is started, the buyer looses deposit unless puppy is not perfectly fit for sale. We ask that you complete our application in order to help us match you with a puppy that is great for you.

Can we pick out our own puppy from the litter?

Yes you may pick your puppy from a litter, however, we will guide you as to the temperaments, size, and overall qualities of each puppy so that your choice puppy will fit your needs.  I give honest size, temperament and structure qualities to the best I can. I have turned many sales away because I know that puppy won’t fit that home.   Deposits are always transferrable to another pup should your choice not be perfect fit for any reason.

Do you hold puppies for people?

Yes we often will hold a puppy for someone until he/she is old enough and ready to go to their new home. We do require a deposit paid in order to hold a puppy. We will NOT hold puppies without a deposit towards purchase.  Deposits are $500, once we receive it, we will not allow anyone else to select your puppy.   A deposit means you are in good faith planning to purchase this puppy, and I in good faith will deny any other home option of this puppy.

Will you keep a puppy an extra couple days or weeks?

Yes it is possible for us to keep puppies few days or weeks past time to go home. No puppy ever leaves before 8 weeks old. Due to rabies rules we do NOT keep any sold/reserved puppies past 16 weeks old. We do charge $10 a day board for any puppy that stays more then 10 days past time to pick him/her up. The preferred time of pickup or delivery is between 8-10 weeks. We do not guarantee time for training in the price of boarding, just all basic care and socializing, grooming, food, toys, etc provided.  If the puppy is staying past the 10 days the board fees can be paid when pup is picked up.